When it comes to expressing thoughts on paper, I followed my mentor’s advice when she explained that great authors are not bound by genre, fiction or non-fiction, or poetry or prose. Writers write…period.

A published writer, editor, and lyricist, I utilize my life and work experiences, plus a vivid imagination, to inspire the colorful characters and circumstances that appear in my novels, poems, short stories, and essays. My current projects include a collection of poems and prose, plus two separate crime/suspense novel series that feature my favorite protagonists–Ike Barney, a contemporary homicide detective, and Randal Murphy, a 1950s private eye.

As a former Colorado resident, I discovered my creative vein in the Rocky Mountains and eventually co-founded the Fall River Writers group, Estes Park, Colorado. I also found the perfect job as a Park Ranger with the National Park Service in Rocky Mountain National Park. Presently, I continue to write and reside in my home state near family in the Missouri Ozarks. I am also an active member of the St. Louis chapter of Sisters in Crime.