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Chance Encounter

I’ve found that producing a weekly blog post has allowed me to rediscover and utilize pieces from the past–works triggered from either writing prompts or timely events.  At the time of their creation, most were exercises to help develop my newfound skill and were likely never to receive exposure to other than a few people with whom I shared my new passion. Chance Encounter was a timed writing prompt that, upon review, appeared to work well as a free verse poem. I hope you enjoy.

They watched from the veranda as rays of golden sunlight illuminated the horizon.

Each had come there separately.

It was a meeting by chance.

Moonlight Serenade played in the background and teased their ears.

Several curious glances drew them closer.

Their arms stretched toward one another.

Their hands touched.

The magic of the moment instilled a mutual feeling that more might emerge from this encounter.

They eased into an embrace – a gentle embrace.

A shudder of delight trickled through their bodies.

Their eyes locked.

Their hearts beat faster.

He smiled. “Care to dance?”

She grinned, then whispered. “Yes, I’d love to.”

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