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A week ago my blog featured a piece titled AGE. In it I professed that folks are only as old as the want to be. Although I continue to live my life by that philosophy, apparently I need to pay closer attention to the part about limitations–that or I need a secretary.

As she scanned through my blogs Monday, my wife  ever so delicately pointed out, “You already posted this week’s blog.”

Of course, I gave her the raised-eyebrow stare. “What? No I didn’t. I just updated CHOICES Sunday.”

As our debate continued, I grabbed my smartphone, logged in to my site, and… “WHOOPS!” There it was, CHOICES, dated March 26, 2017. Although the second revision is better, it is still repetitious. Sorry!

To admit defeat is not always easy. But as Alexander Pope stated in his essay on criticism: To err is human, to forgive divine. Then there’s a twist on Pope’s wisdom that I found on To err is human, to blame it on someone else shows magnificent potential.

From my perspective, the counter quote sounds more like the mantra for politicians. I prefer Pope’s view, which makes my royal goof a sign of humanity. I trust those who read this confession/apology share a bit of divinity. I promise to never duplicate again. Now where’s that piece on AGE that I planned for next week?

To folks in the USA: HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! To folks in the UK, though you may celebrate for different reasons, HAPPY FOURTH to you as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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