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Writing and AA

This week’s entry features one of the witticisms I’ve composed over the years regarding writers and the craft we pursue. If you are a writer, you can most likely relate. Enjoy! And thanks for dropping by.

Writing and AA

 Choosing to become a writer is similar to willingly signing up for Alcoholics Anonymous. The first thing you must do is confess your affliction and realize exactly who you are. But that’s where the similarity ends because, unlike successful AA members, serious writers are incurable. They morph into eccentric folks, forever in need of satisfying an insatiable, almost unconscious desire to relate thoughts and plot lines to the masses. From the moment a writer first succumbs to the urge until they expel their final breath, a portion of their mind is focused on their work. In other words, they are always writing. Because of their curious compulsion, writers who are fortunate to share their existence with a life-long spouse/companion should also recognize they have been blessed with a truly special person.


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