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A Perfect World?

A lot of political buzz has occurred this past week. As I mentioned once before, I try to avoid that topic on my writer’s blog, but also stated that I may slip from time to time. Although this week’s post boarders on the political, I suppose it’s more of an observance and personal plea. Feel free to leave your comments. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Is a perfect world possible? I would love to believe that such a Utopian ideal was a realistic goal, but fear it will never happen––and perhaps it shouldn’t. As citizens of the earth, we are derived from unique regions, ethnicities, and religious cultures, each with varying standards. Our heritages can become important aspects of our individual lives. Because different origins spawn different values, some opposition is inevitable. But is it right to deny an individual the freedom to pursue distinct traditions of family and faith merely because they do not match our own? On the other hand, should the freedom to express ourselves have limits? Is there such a thing as too much freedom? Apparently, otherwise laws and the law enforcement community would not exist.

Our society today is based upon competition, which is not entirely bad. Competition often provides the arena and the inspiration to do better. But within that competitive structure, we must also learn to utilize cooperation and compassion as powerful tools in our quest to improve––two words that should be instilled in each of our vocabularies and our daily business operations. There is no cause for greed and excess when too many people in this country and around the globe starve, both physically and mentally, and die needless deaths every day.

Am I advocating socialism? To some extent, perhaps, but the kind of pioneer socialism that helped build this country. Folks back then often struggled to provide for their families, yet they were always willing to lend their neighbors a hand, and vice versa. Face it folks, we have the ability and the technology to assist in feeding the suffering bodies and teaching the uneducated minds, if we choose.

So, please, as the children of Mother Earth, let’s applaud our individualities and our freedoms, but also learn to live together, to work together, to understand one another, and to help one another create a more seamless environment of life and learning for our children and our children’s children. Although none of us will ever see a perfect world, let’s strive to achieve it.

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