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One of the creative exercises my mentor used in her class was based upon an annual word play contest run in the Washington Post “Style Invitational” humor column. The challenge is to take any common word––one that can be found in the dictionary––then add, subtract, or alter one letter in in that word to form a new word, and provide its revised definition. Below are some of the words and definitions I created from that class, plus a few more recently added entries for this week’s post. Not certain Merriam-Webster will be clamoring to add my inventiveness to their latest volume, but… By the way, it is safe to play this game at home, so give it a try, and have fun. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Navella:  A belly button about half the size of most everyone else’s.

Fanger1) The appendage a southern grandma waves in her grandchildren’s faces each time she scolds one of them. 2) What southern folks flip at someone to indicate that person is #1 with them.

Ignorfamus:  A really stupid celebrity.

Predicktion:  Male foreplay.

UnstrongCharles Atlas prior to weight training.

Utmoist1) Something very, very wet. 2) Monsoon season.

Sidewhys:  Off the wall questions prompted by a single statement.

Clapbeard:  Facial hair worthy of applause.

Classmites:  A social structure for really tiny bugs.

KnowlodgeA vacation retreat for clairvoyants.

Anundate:  Activity frowned upon in the Catholic sisterhood.

Sextrusion:  1) Breast implants. 2) The result of a Viagra overdose.

MadmiralA really pissed-off naval officer.

Acronum:  The state of being overwhelmed by acronyms.

BedwittingTelling jokes in the sack.

Crossread:  The need to sneak the test answers from the person sitting beside you because you partied the night before and didn’t study.

Honkee: A person being honked at.

Embuttled:  Anyone with a disproportionately sized posterior.

ButtleshipTransportation for one who is embuttled.

Buttlefield:  A specific parking zone for buttleships.

ButtlescarThe aftermath of a wound inflicted from a parking dispute at the buttlefield.

PoliticksThe contingency of blood sucking candidates who promise everything to get elected, but once in office, can’t deliver anything except a pay raise for themselves.

Unskulled1) Oarsmen with no boat. 2) Someone with a really mushy head.

SindoorThe gateway to Hell.

InvalveThe opposite of the outvalve.

Inoculite:  Vaccinations in small doses that have fewer side effects.

Indescent:  On the way down.

WinvasionWhat the city of Chicago experienced when the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

SexclusiveMonogamous partners.

PryromaniaThe uncontrollable and rarely appreciated urge to stick one’s nose into other people’s business.

Pryromaniac:  1) One who suffers from Pryromania 2) A nosey neighbor.

SlimplicityWeight loss made easy.

Dumplication:  1) The rebirth of a really stupid idea. 2) Moron reproduction.

Windter:  November through March (or April) in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.


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