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Women’s League

The best laid plans… Yep, my intent was to have my blog completed on time, but, another day, perhaps. Sometime, things just don’t gel the way you expect. Such is life. In the meantime, allow me to share one of the poems from my COYOTE MOON collection, one that, under the circumstances, seems a tad apropos. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

Women’s League

T’was a chilly and crisp December morn

Sunrise on Sunday, a new day was born

The heavens deep blue, not a cloud in the sky

I gazed from my window and uttered a sigh

My wife off to church meant that I was in charge

Of coffee and breakfast, the tasks not too large

Showered and shaved, I dressed in fresh duds

Then moseyed to the kitchen, and a sink full of suds

With the skillet now spotless and ready to rip

I thought about java and wanted a sip

But beans needed grinding before I could savor

That dark brown liquid’s aroma and flavor

I switched on the burner ’neath the clean frying pan

Then tossed in the bacon, grabbed beans from the can

Whirring and sizzling––the room was infused

With sounds and odors––made my stomach enthused

With the bacon still sizzlin’, the coffee now perkin’

I stepped to the bedroom all smilin’ and smirkin’

And sorted the laundry—won’t my wife be surprised

When she sees I’ve whittled these chores down to size

But as I neared the kitchen it was all too apparent

My focus on cooking had become rather errant

The bacon smelled crispy–burned crunchy and dry

Grease was a-spatter as the eggs over-fried

Gray smoke slowly curled from toaster to ceiling

My eyes bugged wide, my mind started reeling

Breakfast was a shambles, the laundry not started

I switched off the burners, oh so downhearted

My attempts to impress now switched to fatigue

I quickly understood, I was out of my league

Yep, the day started well, just couldn’t be finer

’Til I attempted to multi-task without a vagina

But I did learn a lesson, and I’m not being flippant

Multi-tasking’s not in me, don’t have the equipment

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