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Write What?

Here I sit, brokenhearted

Came to write, but never started


Borrowing from a familiar rhyme, I rephrased the bathroom-stall entertainment to express my current situation––writer’s block.

Yes, it happens to most creative writers. For most of us, it’s a temporary malady. I hesitate to say all creative writers suffer from the problem because it seems some scribes’ environments never endure dry spells. Regardless, when the flowing fountains of creativity become nothing more than silent, crusty statues, the condition is much like recovering from the flu––WHEN WILL IT END?

So what causes writer’s block? Well, if I knew the all-inclusive answer to that question—the absolute cure for the disorder––I wouldn’t have to worry about it again, or fret about cash flow. Every writer across the globe would gladly pay me to know how to avoid the often agonizing condition. Because I can’t make such a definitive claim, I can only offer suggestions based upon my experience.

Creative writing begins as a solitary adventure. Editors, beta readers, writers’ groups, family, and friends might alter a writer’s direction, but the initial story comes from within the individual writer’s mind. When that mindset becomes overwhelmed by too many outside influences, it seeks shelter from the storm. The door leading from the right brain––the creative hemisphere––closes in favor of the left brain––the problem solving side––opening wide to resolve whatever crisis is disrupting the creative flow. Although that right door may creak open once in a while to check on the status, until the left brain issues the ALL CLEAR signal, the right side remains withdrawn.

So, what is a blocked writer to do?

The bad news: Life is full of distractions.

The good news: The fantastic story line (story lines) that sought refuge is (are) still there, just waiting for the encouragement to re-emerge.

Bottom line: The best medicine to cure writer’s block is to write, then write some more, and more. Just because a car’s gas gauge indicates EMPTY, you don’t stop driving, right? Nope, you fill up the tank and continue sliding behind the wheel until you reach your destination. The same applies to the writer’s journey.

May your writing be free from interruptions.

Thanks for stopping by


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