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You know, sometimes you just have to sit back, look around this crazy world, and ask, why? This week’s blog post happens to be one of those times. I’m certain many folks can relate. Enjoy.


-Why are simple, two-way light switches labeled ON and OFF? If a room is dark, it is pretty obvious the switch is OFF…and vice versa. Because they can be OFF when they’re ON and ON when they’re OFF, three-way switches bear no such labeling. So…?

-Why do food packages that read FOR EASY OPEN TEAR HERE rarely perform so easily?

-Why does the English language utilize so many different words to apply the same meaning? Was it simply to give a guy named Thesaurus a job…or writers a more stimulating voice?

-Why do repairmen/installers make promises they don’t keep or can’t keep because of prior commitments, and fail to consider those obstacles as an important issue?

-Why does the last question so aptly apply to politicians as well?

-Why is clear plastic food wrap so damned difficult to handle?

-Why does it ever storm on weekends when there are five other days to storm when most folks won’t care?

-Why are there mosquitos, flies, flees, gnats, chiggers, and ticks? All of them can transmit diseases––that’s not good. If they are supposed to represent a food source for other small critters, why aren’t there more other small critters to keep the nasty, disease-bearing pests in check?

-Why do some people refer to the devices that make their tap water toasty as “hot water heaters?” If the water is already hot, why waste energy to heat it?

-Why are toilets also referred to as water closets?

-Why are cockroaches often considered the one creature that can survive a nuclear holocaust?

-Why do some people add an extra vowel when they pronounce the words nuclear and realtor?

-Why is it that as we humans get older the hair we prefer to retain on our heads shifts locations and begins to sprout from our bodies where we never imagined hair would grow?

-Why is grass much more difficult to grow than weeds?

-Why does choosing the quickest line at the grocery store (or any waiting line) make winning the lottery seem like an easier task?

-Why are the shortest waiting lines often the slowest?

-Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten and hot dog buns in packages of eight?

-Why is white the most popular color for cars and trucks?

-Why do many folks believe that a ton of feathers is lighter than a ton of steel?

-Why does the word hyphenated not use a hyphen but non-hyphenated does?

-Why, pound for pound, is the tongue considered the strongest muscle in the human body? Is that because, pound for pound, it gets the most exercise?


If anyone has more whys to add to the list, please send me a comment. And to all mothers, I hope you each enjoyed your special day.

Till next week, take care. Thanks for stopping by.

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