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So, what does a writer do when the ideas are mulling around in their brain but words won’t flow? For me, I try to focus on other aspects of the project I’m working on. Several years back, when I and several folks in my writing group were working on our first novels, we tossed around the idea of helping to visualize our characters by paging through magazine photographs. Whether actress or model or everyday Joe/Jane, we’d find images that brought faces–life–to our characters and helped us develop each one. Another inspiration we considered was to create a cover for our incomplete novels. By visualizing the cover and imagining the finished product, we helped set a goal.

So, with this past January proving to be my one of least wordy months, I sat down at the computer and tested another creative aspect–covers. Below I’ve posted the results of that exercise–one cover for the novel I have completed, and the other two for the novels in progress.

Thanks for stopping by.

DEAD LEGENDS, a Randal Murphy PI mystery.


TARGET FOR TWO, the Randal Murphy PI sequel.


IF DADDY ONLY KNEW, a Detective Ike Barney suspense novel.


Now, back to writing.

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