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Too Soon

Last week, a dear friend of mine lost her one and only grandchild. Though I expressed my condolences, I could only imagine the heartache she and her family were and still are experiencing. As I sincerely believe, and have heard from other folks as well, parents and grandparents should not outlive their children and grandchildren. It just ain’t fair.

That unjust notion prompted me to recall child losses within my family and also how the nightly news routinely presents heart-rending stories of child fatalities. This week’s blog post is a tribute to my friend’s grandson and his entire family, and to the many children, and the surviving families of children who have passed far too soon.


Too Soon

A young man passes before his time

No earthly logic, no reason, no rhyme

Can explain why he’s gone before his prime

Loving family and dear friends left behind

To deal with the loss, a task so great

To question why this young man’s fate

Wasn’t postponed to a far later date

The notion of it all hard to contemplate

Through sorrow and tears family perseveres

Though the sense of their loss remains unclear

How will they manage without him here

The one bright star they all held so dear

Why did death sneak in like a thief

Steal their loved one and leave only grief

How will their souls ever know some relief

Their only hope for solace lying within their beliefs

For they know that with death there is no cure

Often tragic, always painful, it’s final and sure

Yet, their young man would want them to all endure

To celebrate his brief life as a gift so pure

So his family seeks hope from the heavens above

Open their hearts, feel his embrace like a velvet glove

In the stars they find a symbol of his unfading love

He’ll forever be with them, their truly beloved


PS. My dear friend’s grandson was an organ donor. Though his passing is no less tragic, his loss will save five people’s lives through his choice to be a donor. My driver’s license indicates that I choose to be a donor as well. Does yours? If not, please consider that option.

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