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The Family Curse

As I’ve mentioned in prior blog posts, I possess an I-can-do-it-myself attitude that dates back to at least my grandfather, probably further. If something broke, we fixed it. If we needed to remodel or create something entirely new, we built or redecorated as necessary. Though I never viewed my family as poor, we also learned to respect our spending, so perhaps that had something to do with our learned (genetic?) perspective. Regardless, that’s how I grew up and then passed along that family trait to my sons. I’d always considered my fix-it-myself mindset a blessing––a cost saver. I took pride in knowing that I performed tasks other folks were paying someone else to do, and that I performed them well. Little did I know that my blessing could also be a curse.

This past week, the curse struck once again. Because of that incident, I had no time to write––for myself or for my blog. Such is life, I suppose. If we all knew what each day would bring, we could all plan better––or not.

Anyway, I leave you with sincere wishes for a Happy Easter, celebrated with family and friends. For those who may not observe the religious holiday, may you also enjoy a wonderful day with family and friends…something we should all do more often, I suppose.

Enjoy the day. Thanks for stopping by.

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