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Takin’ a Break

First: Many thanks to the folks who follow my blog. As you may have noticed, last week’s post was a bust––zilch, zero, nada. My apologies for being a slacker. Last week my priorities got scrambled. However, that breach in productivity also helped me realize that I needed to step aside from blogging for a bit and focus on completing a few other tasks. With that in mind, I leave you with a rhyme before taking a brief sabbatical. Enjoy.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Takin’ a Break

Every now and then, within the nations

Folks that have chosen their imagination

As the tool that drives their wordy vocation

Find that they need a brief vacation

Such is the case that I’m facing now

It’s time to let my brain take a bow

From the wordy talent I’ve been endowed

But I’ll return to my craft, that I vow

For a couple weeks no deadlines to make

No unkept promises, nothing to fake

And I swear that everything else is jake

For a couple weeks I’m just takin’ a break

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