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On Writing: Fiction – 2

Fiction writers must also be actors, not only capable of envisioning scenes, but also capable of mentally transforming from one character to the next throughout a multitude of situations. We must feel and then convey every nuance of activity, and inflection in dialogue in order to differentiate the hero from the villain, the boring from the exceptional. Through the construction of our words, the fiction writer’s task is to insure that the scenes and subtleties playing within our creative mind also present similar images to our readers.

To accomplish that task, we must temporarily allow our inhibitions to fade; to mold ourselves into each of our characters’ mindsets and abilities as they scramble from our brain and emerge on the page. Without that sincere connection to character and scene, an otherwise engaging novel can become no better than an exercise in watching paint dry.

And although a fiction writer’s physical presence may never grace the Silver Screen, as the creator of good characters, it is our responsibility to act the part by getting inside the head and heart of each individual we bring to life, page after page after page.

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