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On Writing X 2

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I neglected yesterday’s posting. My apologies. To compensate,  I’ll double-dip today with more personal perspectives about the craft I truly love. Hope you enjoy as well.

Unless inspiration should strike–and you never know–I’ll return to weekly postings next week. Thanks for dropping by.

On Writing

Writing is an on-going series of revelations retrieved from the writer’s mind, then brought forth, organized, and displayed in words for all to accept and enjoy, or reject and discard. Although most every person experiences inspirational mental blurts, it’s the writer who musters the courage and takes the time to gather those thoughts, and then put them on paper for everyone to examine.


On Writing: The Writer

A true writer writes not only to exercise his mind and his vocabulary, but to also satisfy a soulful hunger. The most insignificant thought or observation to other folks can often provide the necessary fuel to stoke a writer’s fire. Regardless of the subject matter, we are always happy to write.

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