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Talent / Blessing or Curse

Because one article seems to track the other, I’m posting a double-dipper this week. Enjoy! And thanks for dropping by.


I believe each human being is blessed with at least one distinctive talent. Our challenge in life is to recognize that flair and pursue it to the end.

If we are fortunate, we will discover our special calling during the course of our existence. Exactly when that moment occurs, however, remains inconsistent. We may determine our knack as a child, a teenager, an adult, maybe late in life, or perhaps even near death. Regardless of the timing, we need to acknowledge our endowment and use it as only we are allowed.

For some our calling may be a rare gift that elevates us far above the rest of humanity and serves to influence the world. Our unique ability may evolve from the creative arts, from science, from teaching, or from the less glamorous, but equally important occupations such as accountant, mechanic, or customer service representative.

But perhaps the most wonderful, and often least rewarded talent of all is the one displayed by a person who demonstrates the patience, self-sacrifice, and support in order for a loved one to pursue and realize the full potential of their special talent.


Blessing or Curse

“You are so talented. You can do anything, can’t you?”

I’ve received that compliment many times. As mentioned in a previous post, THANKS, DAD, I was raised to fix things whenever they broke; build items instead of buying them. Accepting the handyman mindset exposed me to many trades. Throughout my life I’ve dabbled in each one of them––plus a few more. Some endeavors evolved out of necessity, others from aspirations. Not meaning to brag, I’ve performed better than average or excelled at the varied tasks I’ve pursued. As a result, I have earned the multi-talented brand.

But is multi-talented a blessing or curse?

Most folks consider having a jack-of-all-trades around the house is a blessing. My wife sure thinks so. And you know what? Maybe it’s ego, but I enjoy knowing that I can do most anything––until the curse becomes evident when the do-most-anything jobs backlog, and my mindset won’t release the notion that it’s okay to say no, ask for help, or pay someone else to perform the job. I guess it really is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks (this one anyway).

On the bright side, as long as I bear the multi-talented badge, I’ll never be bored.


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