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One Day

On this Memorial Day weekend, I offer a poem dedicated to all military veterans, both past and present. Men and women who served and sacrificed to preserve freedom in my country (the USA) and  around the world.  The verse was inspired by the prompt: “He had the kind of face that turned Friday to Monday.” Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

One Day

He had the kind of face that turned Friday to Monday

A single-minded man I knew I’d meet some day

‘Cause in my current job there’s seldom a fun day

No strolls on the beach, no under the sun days

No playing catch, no father and son days

No moonlight strolls, no huggin’ my hon days

No picnics in the park, no family on Sundays

Just grabbin’ my gear and shouldering my gun days

For an infamous sergeant and his “Let’s get ‘er done” days

Just war in the desert…hope I’ll go home one day

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