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Last week I dabbled in politics. Although I don’t regret the detour–and may do so again–offering some aspect of writing continues to be the main focus for this blog.

Back in 2009, a few friends of mine and I gathered to talk about writing, share a bit of our work, and exchange critiques and compliments. After I read my short piece, one of my fellow writers looked at me and said, “Damn! You could write about anything. Hell you could even write about silence.”

Although I appreciated the accolade, I was  also humbled. “C’mon. Who can write about silence?” As I replied, I tried to think of how someone could possibly write  about silence. What is there to describe? By the time I arrived home, however, I decided not to dissuade  my friend’s confidence in me and accepted his challenge. Below is the result of that effort. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.


Silence is a winter snowfall, when huge, damp flakes descend straight from the heavens to kiss the earth and all its creatures who watch in awe

Silence is a parent’s gaze as their baby naps; when they realize the wonderment, that the precious being lying before them is a collaboration between them and God

Silence is a department store window display, with mannequins looking as though they wished they possessed the ability to respond to every negative onlooker

Silence is an after-hours nature museum, when the night watchman examines each life-like exhibit with far greater scrutiny…and apprehension

Silence is a blank-faced writer, whose brain churns out the details to their next poignant essay, poem, or best-selling novel

Silence is the squint-eyed glare from that writer’s spouse, when he/she discovers that the conversation nurtured for the past fifteen-minutes has fallen upon totally deaf ears

Silence is a high-stakes poker player holding a Royal Flush, stifling his good fortune, and wondering whether the other players can read his excitement

Silence is a lover’s hug, when all that ever needs to be said and understood is expressed within that warm embrace

Silence is the moment after your final breath, when all who loved you pause, as your fulfilled spirit escapes the confines of the flesh, to rise and meet the Lord

And, silence is your reaction after you arrive at the Pearly Gates, only to learn your true destination lies in a much warmer environment, much further south


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