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Writing Prompts

Ever have the need for inspiration? As a writing student, one of the exercises my instructor utilized to open each class was a writing prompt. She’d scribe a word or a short phrase on the board and the class had ten minutes to free our minds and activate our pens. After ten minutes, each student had the opportunity to read their version of what the prompt had inspired. The various directions our individual thoughts chose to travel from the identical  prompt was amazing. Some of the vignettes evolved into complete essays, poems, short stories, and, yes, even novels.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or an aspiring student, like that morning cup of Joe, writing prompts can often be the energizer you need to start an eventful writing day. Set a time limit, free your mind from outside distractions, and start moving your pen–or tap your keyboard. For prompt suggestions, Google “writing prompts”,  check various writing websites, grab something from the latest headlines, or think of a word or phrase on your own (or all four). Regardless of the chosen source, you will likely be surprised with the results.

Below I’ve included a short piece I wrote after receiving the prompt TEMPTATION, which included the opening line. Enjoy! Happy writing to you all, and as always, thanks for stopping by.


Temptation is the one thing I cannot resist, and, Lord, she is so tempting.

Her minimal bling serves to highlight her flawless complexion–-never gaudy, but enough to capture most any man’s eye. No matter what angle you spot her from, she has it all–all the curves in the right places, bright eyes, a sexy caboose, plus a taunting expression that seems to say, I’m yours…but only if you’re certain you can handle me.

Yes, she was my dream girl in the late ’60s. And like Grandma’s cheesecake, her desire has yet to wane. I’ll always be a sucker for her, and she seems to know it.

But then as now, I merely stare in awe, knowing  she is out of my league. She’s high-maintenance. I’m none at all. The only way I could be with her is if the fool who owns this immaculate, metallic blue, 1969 Hemi Road Runner left the keys in the ignition and––Whoa! I don’t believe it! C’mon baby, let’s ride!

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