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Christmas is merely days away. As I was pondering what to write for this week’s blog, a thought came to mind––my post will be placed on the eve of Christmas Eve. Shortly afterward, a rhyme began dancing in my head, one that expanded to an amusing poem titled, THE EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE. Enjoy.

In keeping with the season, I would like to wish everyone around the world a Merry Christmas filled with family gatherings, peace, and joy. And to the folks around the globe who may celebrate with unique holidays at different times of the year, may your special seasons also bring times shared with family, peace, and joy.

Thanks for stopping by.


’Tis the eve of Christmas Eve

And for those who still believe

It’s the day the elves and Santa prep his sleigh

To ensure the screws and bolts are tight

And the brass and nickel polished bright

While the reindeer watch, all feeding on fresh hay

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen

Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen

Each one of them receives a proper grooming

’Course, Ol’ Rudolph sticks his nose in

In case it’s foggy and he’s chosen

To guide the way for the annual trip that’s looming

The team’s harnesses are hand-tooled leather

Oiled and rubbed to endure any weather

Each soft and strong so the reindeer can barely tell

That a sleigh glides behind as they fly high

Through Christmas Eve’s chilly night sky

As their rhythmic striding rings their jingle bells

Mrs. Claus gets Santa’s suit fluffed

His wide belt and tall boots all buffed

To guarantee that her hubby is a jolly sight

A coat of wax for the sleigh’s red body

Followed, perhaps, by a well-earned toddy

Before the elves and Clauses settle in for the night


And to ensure that nothing gets missed

Santa gives the elves a checklist

To be viewed before he’s dressed and steps on board:

Make sure each present is wrapped

And that all the reindeer have…lightened their loads

Because lost time and/or speed I can’t afford

Please, have the presents sack packed

Then carefully stow it in back

And the Naughty & Nice list placed upon the seat

Have a brush to groom my beard hair

Plus my whip to crack the night air

And some Tums in case I eat too many treats

Some hot cocoa if you please

And a blanket for my knees

For when I encounter winter’s bitter cold

Don’t think this request is silly

As my bones tend to get chilly

After all, I’m over seventeen-hundred years old

But despite my generous age

I’ll gladly turn another page

And start to plan for next year after my return

First, we’ll all take a month’s vacation

From bringing joy to all the nations

Then it’s back to work, more believers we must earn


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