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The Eve of New Year’s Eve

Because both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this year fall the day after my blog post, I decided to follow up my Eve of Christmas Eve poem with another rhyme, THE EVE OF NEW YEAR’S EVE. Although several of the celebratory events portrayed may be common traditions for many folks, if any of the particulars in this tale sound familiar it is definitely coincidental. No humans or animals were harmed or mimicked in order to compose this piece. It’s pure fiction.

Enjoy. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for stopping by. Also, a special thanks to the folks who followed my blog and helped provide inspiration toward making 2018 a productive year.


The Eve of New Year’s Eve

It’s the Eve of New Year’s Eve

Kind of difficult to perceive

How the days and months have slipped away so fast

Seems like only yesterday

We awaited New Year’s Day

And looked forward, while recalling New Years past

Such as last year’s New Year’s party

Where my friend and I drank hearty

Anticipating the midnight hour to chime

New York’s crystal ball dropped down

Our group chanted out the countdown

Then arm in arm we all sang Auld Lang Syne

A time my friend got so merry

The Old English sort of merry

He had to take a cab to find his way home

Then awoke the following morn

With his head feeling so forlorn

And wondered where the hell his car had roamed

He couldn’t spot it in his driveway

Or imagine it on some highway

And he couldn’t seem to find the ignition key

His mind was all a fluster

And he couldn’t seem to muster

The recollection that he’d left the key with me

So he’d called me on his cell

Still hungover I could tell

And, whispering, asked if I knew about his Honda

Said his head felt like clam chowder

That he didn’t dare talk much louder

And disturb the guy who said his name was Wanda

Who, much to my pal’s dread

He’d found sleeping in his bed

But couldn’t remember how the hell they got there

Not to mention the little dog

Cuddled close snoring like a log

The scenario had sounded like a bawdy nightmare

The rehash made me chuckle

’Til my friend showed me his knuckles

A sign that memories of that night still held a sting

Because for many weeks thereafter

He’d endured abundant laughter

Regarding his and Wanda’s unexpected fling

As we pondered more parties past

And how some were quite a blast

My pal finally arrived at one conclusion

Though he’d risk being called a pooper

He chose to dodge another stupor

And made celebrating home alone this year’s resolution

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