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Ever have one of those moments when a rhyme and a tune join forces and march into your mind about the same time? I’ve had that happen on several occasions. This week’s blog post is the outcome from one of those instances.

Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.


 Sometimes I just feel like sleepin’

Ignorin’ the world and its faults

Sometimes my sleep’s filled with beautiful dreams

Sometimes, I can’t sleep at all…till

Sometimes I just feel like drinkin’

Drownin’ my sorrows till dawn

Sharin’ my woes with my like-minded chums

Though sometimes, I must drink alone…but

Don’t think I’m a loser or boozer, abuser of body and mind

Don’t think that I just don’t give a damn, honest, I’m just not that kind…’cause

Sometimes I feel like romancin’

Dancin’ and chancin’ with love

Locked in embrace with the girl of my dreams

Sent down from Heaven above…and

Sometimes I just feel like prayin’

Expressin’ my thanks to the Lord

Grateful for all of the blessings I have

Gifts no one else could afford…see

At heart I’m a sociable critter, admitter of strong faith and soul

Faith, love and friends are vital to me, as my family who makes my life whole…yet

Sometimes I just feel like nuthin’

As useful as warts on a toad

Sometimes I feel like and out-of-round wheel

Bouncin’ along on life’s road…then

Sometimes everything changes

Who knows what the new day will bring

The circus of life enactments

With me in the center ring…still


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