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Without You

This week’s blog post features another poem that meshed with a tune inside my creative mind. The first verse came to me quickly. An overall theme followed, along with a challenge to see how far I could carry that theme while utilizing Colorado in the first line of each verse and words that rhymed with Colorado in each second line. I had fun with the metered experiment. Hope you enjoy it, too.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Without You

Here I wait in eastern Colorado

A rest stop john, the door reads OCCUPADO

I sigh, don’t know why, I’m on the fly

Without you

Havin’ lunch in Denver, Colorado

A salsa dish with chunks of avocado

A meal filled with spice, that tastes cold as ice

Without you

Now I sit in northern Colorado

The mountains high, inspire my bravado

Yet I feel like a dope, filled with false hope

Without you

Hidin’ out in southwest Colorado

A roadside inn, the Hotel Coronado

But I’m lyin’ awake, I’m just a fake

Without you


Up at noon still down in Colorado

Bought a car, a red Olds Toronado

It’s got lots of miles, and draws lots of smiles

But…without you

Now headin’ west, I’m leavin’ Colorado

Searchin’ for my private El Dorado

But I want you to know, that I’m good to go

Without you

Yeah, just want you to know, I’m good to go

Without you

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