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This past week marked the beginning of the winter holiday season. For many folks, this time of year is a busy, often hectic period. But the holidays also represent a time to pause and reflect upon both the past and the present, as well as the future. A time to think about our lives and to appreciate the many people, places, and things we can be grateful for experiencing, sharing, and looking forward to.

Like some folks, however, my Thanksgiving pause for reflection wasn’t completely filled with joy. From a health perspective, 2019 hasn’t been my best year, which has sometimes had an adverse effect on how I’ve responded to other people and things in my life. But it’s those negative instances that force me to take a second look at who I am and to reconsider the many blessings I’ve received.

Yes, this year has dealt some rough moments, but I’ve experienced tough times before, learned from those events, and moved on. There is no reason why I shouldn’t continue that kind of progress. Following some serious reconsideration, I realized that I truly have many positives in my life to be thankful for. One of those positives is this blog.

I launched my website and began blogging nearly three years ago. My intent was to share my thoughts on writing as well as my work as a writer. As a blogger, I believe I’ve achieved my initial goal. But more importantly, I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to maintain a link with folks I care about, reconnect with people from my past, and to interact with many fellow bloggers and writers from around the world––good people I might never have met otherwise.

With that thought in mind, I’d like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to the fantastic folks who take a moment from their busy days to read my weekly posts.

THANK YOU for following my blog and making it a success.

THANK YOU for your valuable feedback.

And THANK YOU for being a wonderful part of this writer’s life.

I look forward to continuing our relationship.

2 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING

  1. I can completely relate to your past year of struggle. From comments I have posted on facebook it is obvious that the past two years have been a major physical struggle for me. I’ve had plenty of emotional struggles in the past, major job changes, divorces (yes plural from the reunion it’s widely known now that I have been married four times) and loss of loved ones. But emotional struggles are different. I could choose to wallow in my problems or to put on my big girl panties and move forward. Physical struggles have been very different. I’m not in charge… aging body is. It chooses how fast I can move forward or wether I move forward at all. I have been frustrated, close to being depressed and sometimes plagued with negative thinking which has never been my mantra. Compounded by the aging process and you have the perfect storm. But each day I woke up, found things to enjoy and always ended the day finding the blessings that I continued to experience. It has been a hard two years but having come through the majority of my recovery I’m wearing my “Red Badge of Courage” proudly. A quitter…….no not I. And from your positive poems, essays and self reflections you’re not either.


    1. And I can relate to your comments, Stephanie. Thanks. Sometimes I think, “it’s hell to get old,” but growing old is also inevitable…part of life. We had our turn at youth, time to enjoy the phase we’re in, be glad to have reached it, and look forward to the next phases.


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