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A Christmas Memory

For the past two years my Christmas blogs have featured a yuletide poem. Rather than break a tradition, I sat down in rhyming mode and composed another. Being a pantser kind of writer, I established several lines that allowed a few characters to emerge, and they took over from there.

Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


A Christmas Memory

Well, it’s another Christmas season

Which should give most folks good reason

To reflect upon their yuletide seasons past

Whether a person is young or old

We all have stories to be told

Which can build on special memories that last

Like the Christmas Eve Gramps remembered:

“Was a dark and cold December

Snuggled warm and waiting wide-eyed in my bed

“I lay still, didn’t dare make a sound

Fearing Santa might not come ’round

And the worry of no presents was pure dread

“But after hours of nary a peep

I finally fell fast asleep

And the jolly, red-clad elf stopped by my house

“Santa’s rosy cheeks were filled with glee

As he stacked presents ’neath the tree

He moved swiftly but as quiet as a mouse”

It was then that my cousin Corey

Interrupted Grandpa’s story:

“Hold on, I thought you said that you weren’t awake

“How on earth could you possibly see

The fat man move about the tree?

Is your Christmas tale a lie for goodness sake?”

Grandpa turned and with a squinted eye

And his other brow arched way high

He huffed and commenced to set my cousin straight


“Son, my story’s not hard to perceive

For those folks who truly believe

But for you, I’m afraid it might be too late”

Gramps leaned back, groaned and let out a sigh

Then said, “Okay now, where was I?”

And resumed his tale about that special night

“All my dreams were filled with great wonder

From the Christmas spell I was under

Still, my eyes blinked wide ahead of morning light

“And though I’d promised both Mom and Dad

To wait for them like a good lad

I crept downstairs ’fore either of them could rise


“I was most careful with my skeakin’

But one step wouldn’t stop creakin’

Thought I’d get caught and surely spoil my surprise”

I glanced at doubtful cousin Corey

Now immersed in Grandpa’s story

Corey, no doubt, wondering about the outcome

Gramps winked at me and then carried on

“That’s when the sun began to dawn

Thought that my goose was surely cooked, and then some

“But as I approached the Christmas tree

The house was quiet as could be

All alone, I eyed the presents stacked with care

“But attached to one there was a note

With Santa’s letter that I wrote

That described a special gift I hoped he’d share

“The note said that I should turn around

I spun about without a sound

 And in the corner sat my older brother

“He had arrived back home from afar

Where he’d been fighting in a war

Santa’s most special present, like none other”

Grandpa smiled, and he wiped a tear

The story he’d shared sure made it clear

I once collected coins, Corey collected stamps

But no one collected memories like Gramps

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