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In keeping with last New Year’s blog post format, I composed another short poem––a rhyme of encouragement and my wish for everyone to enjoy a prosperous New Year.

Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.


We’re nearing New Year’s Eve and it’s hard to believe

That we’re about to enter another decade

Another ten years gone by––time really does fly

Barely scratched last year’s resolutions that I made

2020 now faces us while 2019 still chases us

But we all need to boldly step forward

Don’t have to laugh and sing just see what New Year’s brings

Come on, don’t shy away like a coward

Sure, last year was kind of strange, but that can all change

All it will take is the right kind of attitude

What went wrong can turn right, if we keep goals in sight

Keep our chins up and not lean on old platitudes

So, here’s to the new year, may it better the old year

May we endure far less stress and far less sorrow

May our worries fade away with each passing day

And may we always look forward to tomorrow


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