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Today’s blog post deals with word choice, a piece taken from my collection of poems and prose titled, COYOTE MOON. An example of a writer’s muse while pondering where to go next with the plot line for a novel in the works, I offer the selection for you to ponder. Enjoy. And thanks for dropping by.


Hey there writers, I’m certain you’ve heard

The emphatic term—the F-bomb word

Used as a modifier, verb and noun

The F-bomb utterance is world renowned

Insult, compliment, pleasure and doom

The F-bomb’s functions could fill a room

Some folks view it as the ultimate curse

Other folks spew it as their daily verse

Drop an F-bomb or not, that’s your decision

But once they explode, there is no revision

So keep in mind the words that you choose

Or friends and readers you soon may lose

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